DJI and 3DR: the competition heats up

solo_phantomChinese drone manufacturer DJI is still the undisputed king of the drone market, but American based 3D Robotics (3DR) is trying to change that.

This May 3DR will launch their Solo drone which promises to boast many tools to make flying easier for drone newbies. The drone will also feature the ability to plug your smart phone or tablet into controller to get a live first-person view from the drone.

As cool as this sounds DJI has already beat 3DR to the punch with its recently launched Phantom 3. The Phantom 3 boasts many of the same abilities as the Solo and has a whole month on the market without any real competition from 3DR.

But this is not the biggest problem for 3DR if they plan to be able to gain market share from DJI. Forbes, recently reported from confirmed sources that DJI is seeking to raise money at a $10 billion valuation, giving it the opportunity for a huge capital injection. While the exact amount DJI will raise is still unknown, it should easily surpass the $50 million 3DR raised in February.

When you add in the fact that DJI’s sales were somewhere around $500 million in 2014, and 3DR only did $50 million, it seems like 3DR has quite a mountain to climb. But as mentioned in Wired, one of the Solo’s strongest features is the fact it will be sold as an open system, allowing it to be more like the Android of drones.

But the question is, does that mean DJI is the Apple?

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