Snatching Dangerous Drones Out of the Sky


Drones represent a lot of possible good, but just like any tool people can use them for bad. Near misses with drones flying in proximity to airports are a well-known issue and security experts worry that drones could be used by terrorists or criminals in inflict casualties at venues like stadiums or damage infrastructure like nuclear power plants.

While there is sure to be many ways to deal with this concern in the coming years there are already some interesting options on the table. The French Air Force has trained eagles to intercept drones and American company Airspace Systems is building its own interceptor drone.

The French Air Force was tasked with finding a way to neutralize dangerous drones which it calls, “a credible threat for a terrorist mode of action.” With time of the essence, the French Air Force decided to train eagles to attack drones with plans to start the eagles in service this summer.


American company Airspace Systems has decided to fight drone with drone and has developed its Tarantula interceptor drone that uses advanced systems and radar to chase a threatening drone and then deploy a Kevlar net to snatch the drone from the air and remove it to a safe location for disposal or further investigation.

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