Get Yourself a DroneGun


Drones flying over places where they shouldn’t be is a problem. Instances near airports are a particular problem, but drones could also by used by criminals or even terrorists.

DroneShield—a drone detection and countermeasure company—recently unveiled its DroneGun. According to DroneShield’s website the new countermeasure, “provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drones models or surrounding environment due to the drones generally responding via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or returning back to the starting point.”

Basically it jams all possible radio signals to the drone which causes the drone to land or go back to its start point before it can cause any harm. So while it looks like a bad ass gun from a SciFi movie it is really nothing more than a portable jamming device, which by the way means it can only be sold to Federal entities.

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