Good Drone/Bad Drone: Different Kinds of Searching


This week’s edition of Good Drone/Bad Drone addresses the ability of the drone to offer new ways of searching. As we will see from the news this can be used for something noble like finding someone or something completely creepy like hovering outside the bathroom window of a neighbor.

First the good. Police in Lincoln County, New Mexico used a drone in a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission to find the body of a missing kicker. Unfortunately, the 72-year-old hiker was found dead, but the drone was able to find his body within 45 minutes after helicopters were grounded due to bad weather. This proves the usefulness of drones in SAR missions.

Now the bad, well really the creepy. Police in Orem, Utah seized a drone that was caught spying on people in their houses. Police said that video on a SD card in the drone contained footage of local people as seen through the window of their bedrooms and bathrooms. Luckily the idiot/creepy voyeur who operated the drone also had footage of himself on the drone.

The Orem police say the know who the perpetrator is and have called for him to turn himself in.

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