War Drones Weekly Roundup (Dec 12)

War Drones is Drone Dossier’s weekly roundup of new stories related to military drones.

  • It is reported by Vocitiv that ISIS has a fleet of drones which it is using to guide suicide bombing missions against the Iraqi army during the continuing fight for the city of Mosul. According to the report ISIS is also working on making drones flying bombs. Everyday dozens of ISIS drones are captured ranging from widely available consumer drones to DYI drones.
  • Iranian media is showing off a new drone gun from that countries armed forces. The ‘gun’ is actually a mobile jamming device that can interrupt the signals to a drone so that it can be taken over or forced to land.
  • The US Air Force is looking for a new long-range stealthy drone to replace the legendary U2.
  • Azerbaijan has shot down more Armenian drones in the disputed Karabakh region between the two nations.

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