War Drones (12/27)

War Drones is Drone Dossier’s weekly roundup of new stories related to military drones. See the roundup below.

-The Chinese military will soon take delivery of new variants of its Xianglong (soaring dragon) HALE (high-altitude long-endurance) drone. Reports suggest the new variants can rival the capabilities of the Global Hawk drone.

US-supplied drones have disappointed in the Ukrainian conflict. The small Raven analog mini-drones supplied to the Ukrainian government were not hardened against electronic warfare and have been rendered useless by the advanced electronic jamming and interference of Russian-backed separatists in Easter Ukraine.

-The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has conducted its first test flight of the hydrogen-powered fuel cell Ion Tiger drone.

-Swarming drone technology is getting a lot of attention from armies around the world for its ability to overwhelm more technologically advanced units by using large amounts of coordinated drones. Chinese State-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) recently released video of it testing swarming drones that have the ability to communicate with each other and react to external objects. Many experts say China can match the drone capabilities of more advanced nations, which is a cause of concern for some.

-We will end this week’s report with an ironic story out of the UK, where an all-weather UK army drone refused to land in foggy weather. Not only did it refuse to land, but after safety protocols were shut off it crashed. Guess they need to work on the ‘all-weather’ part of that drone!


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