The Year of the Drone?


Happy New Year from the team at Drone Dossier! We look forward to providing you the latest in drone news and happenings in 2017.

Drones continued to work their way into the popular conscience of America in 2016. According to the FAA, 2.3 million drones were sold in the United States in 2016—double that of last year. Of those an estimated 1.2 million were sold during the Christmas season. As more and more people have a personal interaction with drones, it is everyone’s hope that the negative stigma previously attached to drones (over military use and privacy concerns) will start to melt away.

Looking back, 2016 was a landmark year for drones. The Verge, which issues end of the year report cards for various tech industries, gave drones a solid B grade for 2016. The report noted positives like the first successful Amazon Air drone deliver and negatives like the lack of industry competition.

2017 promises to be even better, especially for commercial drones markets. Venture Beat is calling 2017 “The Year of Drones”. For one, there is the new Part 107 regulation which gives direction and legal backing to drone operations. Venture Beat foresees drone companies making partnerships with large enterprises, which will prove they can be big money makers. Drones are also becoming better by the minute, which makes them easier to fly and use for a variety of purposes—everything from precision agriculture to air mapping.

Even if the positive predictions of drones don’t all come true in 2017, there is one undeniable fact—you are going to see more drones and hear more about them in the coming year.

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