War Drones (Jan. 3)


War Drones is Drone Dossier’s weekly roundup of new stories related to military drones. See the roundup below.

  • Israeli news is claiming that an European Union (EU) drone crashed near Mount Hevron after conducting flyovers of Jewish settlements and possible Israeli Defense Force (IDF) positions. The Israeli news is suggesting this might be espionage or the EU conducting illegal operations. There is no confirmation as of the writing of this post if the drones was definitely an EU drone, or what mission it was on.
  • A drone attack near the town of Sarmada in Syria has reportedly killed 8 al-Qaida terrorists including a senior commander of a Chinese-based Islamic militant group. The attack is believed to be carried out by the US, but as of the writing of this post, that has not been confirmed.
  • Janes Defense Weekly has some rather disheartening news that North Korea is possibly developing a drone to carry out a dirty bomb attack. The drone could be rigged with an explosive device that would spread radioactive material.
  • The Straight Times (Singapore) reports that Iraqi Forces believe drones are key to defeating ISIS. The second phase of Iraq’s push into ISIS controlled Mosul began earlier this week. Iraqi forces are using drones to scout enemy positions and to act as spotters for their artillery.

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