War Drones (Jan 17)

War Drones is Drone Dossier’s weekly roundup of new stories related to military drones. See the roundup below.

  • ISIS is using drones everyday to attack Iraqi forces that are trying to force the out of the city of Mosul. Reports from the battlefield claim ISIS is using everything from the most popular consumer drones (like DJI drones) to homemade drones to drop explosive devices on Iraqi and Kurd troops.

  • Yonhap News reports that South Korea is so concerned about North Korean drones that it plans to build a laser weapons system by 2020 to deal with the threat. In recent months the South Korean military has seen increasing drone activity by the north and worries radar will not be enough to track and destroy drones that breach its airspace.

  • Drone swarms and even individual drones can pose a danger to ships. To address this danger DARPA has picked Raytheon to continue to develop its The MAD-FIRES project (Multi Azimuth Defense Fast Intercept Round Engagement System). The system can fire small caliber bullets with the guidance capability of a missile. The new drone defense system is scheduled to be done by 2018, which is really bad news for any malicious drone that flies near a US Navy ship.

  • Defense News reports that France has ordered its fourth batch of Reaper medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) drones for delivery by 2019. Looks like the French like the versatile abilities of the Reaper!

  • The Atlantic’s CityLab published a report that chronologically maps US drones strikes in Afghanistan. The map shows a clear pattern of drone strike concentration on the tribal borders regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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