Commercial Application of Drones to Drive Drone Services Market


A recent reports predicts the drone services market will grow to over $1.8 billion by 2022 (up from $705 million in 2016). A key factor in this growth is increased use of drones for commercial applications like monitoring and inspection across numerous industries. Below are some more specific findings in the report.

  • Drones being used in the infrastructure sector will experience the highest rate of growth. Drones will be used for things like taking topographic surveys and construction progress photography.
  • Aerial photography and remote sensing will be the largest part of the overall drone service market.
  • North America is expected to be the largest overall contributor to the drones services market while Asia will see the highest growth rates.

The report also identifies these companies as being key players:

Airware, Inc. (U.S.), Aerobo (U.S.), Cyberhawk Innovations Ltd. (U.K.), Sky Futures Ltd. (U.K.), SenseFly Ltd. (Switzerland), DroneDeploy Inc. (U.S.) and Sharper Shape Inc. (U.S.) among others

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