Makers of Failed Lily Drone Raided


Forbes is reporting that Lily Robotics, the makes of the failed Lily autonomous flying camera (selfie drone), had its headquarters raided earlier this month by law enforcement agents because of a potential criminal investigation against the company.

Last month the San Francisco-based company called its quits after taking in $34 million in pre-orders and over $15 million in investments. Lily Robotics already has a consumer-protection civil suit filed against it by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office for allegedly falsely promoting its product capabilities. Lily also has not kept its promise to repay all those that pre-ordered the drone. Forbes tried to contact Lily, but got no answer.

It will be interesting to see if criminal charges are filed against Lily, so keep tuned for further developments. But no matter what happens, Lily Robotics has definitely taken a sharp fall from being the darling of drone enthusiasts just a few months ago.

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