Karma Drone is Back


Finally, the GoPro Karma drone is back on sale on GoPro’s website and a few selected retailers nations wide.

Last November GoPro pulled their Karma Drone from shelves over a a mechanical issue on how the battery was stored, which when it malfunctioned caused the drone to lose power and drop from the sky. Of course GoPro has fix this problem and is hope the Karma drone can offer some new competition in the market.

However, the price is still about the same as when it came out in November–$800 for the drone itself and $1,100 for the drone with a GoPro Hero 5 camera (which makes it comparable in price to a Phantom 4).

GoPro reported 4th quarter sales of $541 million, which was $33 million short of Wall Street’s estimate, so they definitely has an uphill battle. They have already closed their entertainment division and let go of 200 employees. Some analysts think that bringing the Karma back is just an attempt to boost sales numbers a little to reduce Wall Street pressure.

Hopefully, GoPro can make things work, so they can reverse the trend of American drone companies failing to properly bring a consumer drone to market. But still if you ask for the advice of the Drone Dossier team, it is still better to spend your money on a DJI drone.

Speaking of DJI drones, the Daily Dot is having a DJI drone giveaway. All you have to do is create an account with them to enter.

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