Nevada is Seeding Clouds With Drones

nevada drone.jpg

Nevada is not a State that is known for rain, but local officials are looking to change that. Earlier this week State officials said they are within weeks of making a major breakthrough on their efforts to use drones to seed clouds.

Last April the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems worked with the Governors Office of Economic development to be the first to successfully test a cloud-seeding payload with a fixed-wing drone.

Ever since the State has been getting interest from authorities and companies all around the world. Using drones to seed clouds has a lot of potential benefits, but in the end it really is about getting drones that are big enough to carry bigger payloads to make this a more feasible project on a large scale.

Keep a look out for any upcoming news, the team here at Drone Dossier is curious what this ‘major breakthrough’ will be.

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