Fly A Drone With A Wave of Your Hand


A drone that will let you fly a drone with a wearable control device is coming to the market soon. At the New York Toy Fair 2017, KD Interactive revealed its Aura quadcopter prototype that can be flown by a wave of your hand.

The prototype on display is controlled by a glove, but KD Interactive is working to make the end product able to be controlled by a wearable device that resembles a watch.

While this drone is technically a ‘toy drone’ it offers a glimpse into different flight control methods that are out there. And while it might be pretty cool to fly a drone with the wave of a hand, it is, in the end, more of a gimmick that probably won’t see much practical use. After all, drone technology is moving toward more autonomous flight, rather than moving your hands around like a crazy person. Although, hand movements could be used to signal a drone to perform certain predetermined operations.

If you are interested the Aura drone is scheduled to go on sale this fall for around $100.

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