Report: Sense and Avoid Will Experience Strong Growth Over Next Decade


A recent report from Research and Markets reveals that the UAV sense and avoid market generated $41.5 million in 2015. The reports also predicts exponential growth over the next decade as the need for sense and avoid systems is driven by the overall increase in drone usage commercially, militarily and for hobby purposes.

Sense and avoid technology for drones will be crucial in making drone operations more autonomous. Indeed, many aviation authorities are making robust sense and avoid systems a requirement that must be proven before any non-piloted commercial uses of drones can ever take place. One of the interesting opportunities the report identifies is the use of sense and avoid for swarm drones.

The report the high cost (at this time) of sense and avoid systems as one of the major restraints of the industry—especially when it comes to collisions avoidance for sUAS.

The reports also identified the following companies it believes will be key players in the growing sense and avoid market.

Intel Corporation, Leonardo- Finmeccanica Spa, BAE Systems Honeywell International Inc., General Atomics, Panoptes Systems, Aerialtronics, Sagetech Corporation, Sagem Safran, IMSAR LLC, Thales Group, Exelis Inc.

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