War Drones (2/25)

War Drones is Drone Dossier’s roundup of new stories related to military drones. See the roundup below.

  • An article in Popular Mechanics chronicles the growth The Ukraine’s new drone army from basically nothing. A great read to find out about how drones are being used against an enemy that has sophisticated jamming capability.
  • The US military is working on developing drones that can be controlled from the cockpit of its latest F-35 and F-22 fighter jets. Scientists working on the project said that pilots would be able to use nearby drones for reconnaissance, sensing and targeting.
  • Israeli Aerospace Industry has signed agreements with Indian companies to jointly produce UAVs for the Indian market.
  • Earlier this week an Israeli jet shot down a Hamas drone that and violated Israeli airspace. The drone took off from the Gaza strip and was downed over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • In the continuing Battle for Mosul ISIS is increasing using drones to attack the Iraqi Army. ISIS’s drone fleet consists of everything from homemade drones to easily available consumer drones. If you want to search there is also aerial videos of these attacks out there. Typically they are very low sophistication attacks—basically just dropping weighted bombs on troop and vehicles from above.
  • It has now been determined that an attack last month on a Saudi Arabian frigate was carried about by a drone boat operated by Houthi rebels—who the Saudi’s are fighting in Yemen. Two sailors were killed and the frigate suffered substantial damage in the attack.

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