AirMap Looks For Partnerships with Airports and Municipalities


Drone software company AirMap is a tool that makes it easy for drone pilots to check for flight restrictions and even map their flight info to share with others. It’s a tool all drone pilots should use to ensure safe, legal flights. But AirMap has its eyes set on a bigger prize, it wants to form partnerships with airports and municipalities across America to help safely integrate drones into the airspace.

Already AirMap is working with over 100 airports through America to give them digital notices when drone flights happen nearby. Digital notices are also very important for Heliports and the AirMap platform makes it easy to gain information for all parties.

AirMap is also to talking to various cities through the country looking to build partnerships to help them with everything from enforcement to logging flights by drones operated by the local municipality. AirMap can offer transparency for city operator to alleviate privacy and other concerns.

AirMap still has a long way to go, but if they can start to build more partnerships with airports, municipalities and other authorities they could end up being part of a much wider drone traffic management system that can log, track and route drones for safe operation. AirMap has a good stating point and solid funding to deal with this evolving industry.

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