Up Sonder Heats Up the Drone Rental Marketplace


Los Angeles-based drone startup Up Sonder took a major step forward to building a national drone rental marketplace by announcing its official launch in all 50 States. Before, Up Sonder’s platform was only available in a few selected cities.

Up Sonder is presenting itself as a great way for drone owners to make money by renting out their drone. It also acts as a platform for business to connect to certified drone pilots for commercial work. The company has partnered with both Uber and Postmates to help deliver drones to customers.

While being able to make money renting out your drone sounds pretty cool, the team here at Drone Dossier thinks Up Sonder’s work to create a commercial drones services marketplace has the greatest potential.

Up Sonder’s CEO Derek Waleko recently told ZDNet, “Up Sonder’s nationwide FAA certified drone pilots are able and ready to help companies like AT&T have more options when inspecting their cell towers, or construction companies like Bechtel have more access and cost-effect solutions no matter where they build. Up Sonder will even help insurance companies like, GEICO handle claims whenever disaster strikes.”

There are actually quite a lot of drone rental companies and commercial drone services marketplaces out there (including Drones4hire, Dronepal, Blue Skies Drone Rental, droners.io, etc.) but Up Sonder is working to set themselves apart by providing on-demand delivery, free insurance to drone owners using their platform, and cash-back programs to repay users for the fees associated with getting Part 107 certified and FAA drone registration.

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