Oreo Drones Take To The Skies of New York


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its a flying Oreo cookie drone…well at least if you were in New York City today. As strange as it sounds, the cookie company celebrated National Oreo Day (also its 105st birthday) with a drone publicity stunt.

Five drones fitted with giant Oreo cookie props flew over a barge set up on the East River and dropped actual cookies into glasses of milk. The event was called the ‘Oreo Drone Dunk’ and reportedly cookies were successfully dropped into glasses filled with milk from over 300 feet in the air. Check out a video of the stunt below or at Oreo’s YouTube channel.

Drones are increasingly being used as a new tool to market brands (beyond filming). If you think about it, the drones at the Super Bowl Half Time Show were just a big advertisement for Intel. There are also plenty of examples of drones physically being used to advertise.

The first one that most of us here at Drone Dossier remember is when in 2013 drones were used to create the Star Trek logo over the Thames River in London to advertise “Star Trek Into Darkness”. If you want more examples you can go here and here.

Also, you can check out companies that are built around the idea of using drones to advertise. Both DroneCast and Hoovy use drones to fly ad banners at events and Hoovy is now working on attaching projectors to drones to physically advertise that way.

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