More Local Drone Laws in the Works

As drones become more prevalent in the skies across America, local authorities are starting to take action. Two of the most recent cases are in Oklahoma and North Carolina.

A bill currently on the floor of the Oklahoma senate would allow property owners to damage or even destroy a drone over their property without the risk of a civil penalty for doing so. Sounds like a green light to shoot down drones, even through FAA law technically still classifies them as aircraft, making such an action a Federal offense.

Senator Ralph Shortey who proposed the bill was quoted by local news as saying, “It’s becoming a pretty big issue, law enforcement are getting complaints all the time about drones flying over people’s personal private property.”

Meanwhile a bill in the North Carolina House has moved another step forward this week. The proposed law would make it illegal to fly a drone within 500 feet of a prison or jail with the intent of delivery contraband. Guilty parties would face a felony charge and a $1,500 fine, those that accidentally fly within 500 feet without intent to deliver contraband would face a misdemeanor charge and a $500 fine.

According to local news, North Carolina is considering this new legislation after two recent event of drones being used to sneak contraband like cell phones and money to prisoners. If the bill passes, North Carolina will join six other States that have no-fly zones around prisons.

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