Drones Help to Fight Poachers


It’s well reported that poaching is a major issue in parts of Africa with animals like elephants and rhinos being targeted for their tusks and horns. The New York Times recently reported how one company, UAV and Drone Solutions, is using drones to combat this growing problem.


The company has permission to operate its fixed-wing BatHawk drones in Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It is also certified to fly drones beyond-line of sight (to to 15 miles away) and at night. Although the team has spotted and even scared away poachers, the effort is still in its infancy. Many times local wildlife rangers are not available to follow up on sightings of poachers or the team is given bad intel on here to fly.

Still the surveillance capabilities of drones make them a powerful tool that can hopefully be properly integrated in the efforts to reduce poaching of animals.

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