Drones Can Save Lives

The team here at Drone Dossier knows that if you tell the average person on the street that drones save lives, it’s probably not something they will readily agree with you about. Unless they really follow what is happening with drones, their knowledge is going to be limited to what they have heard in mainstream news or social media. For drones that means bombing vast areas of the Middle East and concerns they may threaten privacy here at home.

No one is to blame, it’s just part of the growing pains of the drone industry. But while drones were birthed for military uses, they have now moved beyond that. Media organizations are starting to pick up on this, but it’s not their job to education people about how drones can be used for good. That’s the job of the drone industry—the men and women that really know how to explain that drones are much more than machines that drop bombs or toys some creep uses to spy on their sunbathing neighbor.

Drones are already starting to change major industries like construction and agricultural, but more importantly, drones are a tool that can be used to save people’s lives.

That’s the idea of a recent press release from leading drone company DJI. According to the Shenzhen-based company drones have saved 59 people in 18 incidents around the world since 2013. Fortune picked up on DJI’s release and added its own examples, such as a drone dropping life vests to two drowning teens and a heat-sensing drone that was used to find missing kayakers.

Drone Dossier has also reported on examples, such as a drone being used to find lost skiers in Canada, Microsoft’s efforts to use drones to stop mosquitoes from spreading disease and the University of Toronto testing of drones to deliver defibrillators during emergencies.

Hell, just in the last two days there have been articles—one form Iowa and the other from Texas—about local authorities purchasing drones to help their emergency response efforts. One of the best articles the team here at Drone Dossier has read about this issue is an article from the Guardian that came out last summer. The article tells the story about how drones are being used save both humans and animals in Africa.

Yes, drones can kill you. But the majority of drones that take to the sky everyday aren’t armed with missiles and bombs. They are instead equipped with tools, sensors and new ideas that, if used correctly, can make the world a better place.

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