Don’t Ignore China’s Drone Market


The last few years the drone industry has soared to new heights thanks to China. In a recent report, the China Business Review relays that 5 of the top 11 venture-capital funded drone companies are Chinese. On top of this, in 2015 Chinese drone giant DJI is estimated to have made up 70% of the drone market alone.

But China is not just exporting drones; its commercial sector has a vivacious appetite for this new technology. A lot of this has to do with the current economic and business environment in China. All over China the cost of labor is increasing, to help offset this rise, many parts of the Chinese economy are looking to technology like drones. In agriculture drones make the spraying of pesticides and fertilizers more efficient and Chinese provinces (Henan, Zhejiang, and Hubei) are already offering training and financial reimbursements for those that give drones a try.

Chinese internet giant is far head of its American counterpart Amazon and already is making thousands of drone deliveries. Additionally, JD is currently working with cooperative government agencies to expand drone delivery further. China is also pushing drone use in construction, sensing/mapping and film. In fact, today on a motion picture produced anywhere in the world it would be hard not to find a Chinese made drone somewhere on the set.

In the future new players will certainly arise, but for the time being China’s drone industry will still set the pace. But it also has plenty of investment opportunities. Just has Intel who has invested over $60 million in Chinese drone manufacture Yuneec.

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