UK Launches Special Drone Squad to Crack Down on Prison Smuggling


In both the US and the UK drones are an increasingly popular way for criminals to smuggle contraband into prisons. You don’t have to stuff Ziplock bags in unmentionable places, you don’t have to bribe guards—all you have to do is buy a drone and tape drugs and cell phones to it.

Every year in the UK prison officials are seeing an increase in smuggling via drones and now they are doing something about it. Earlier this week Prisons Minister Sam Gyimah announced that the UK was creating a special drone squad (consisting of both normal police and prison police) to address the problem head-on.

Gyimah told the press, “The threat posed by drones is clear, but our dedicated staff are committed to winning the fight against those who are attempting to thwart progress by wreaking havoc in establishments all over the country.”

According to UK government figures there were 33 cases of drone smuggling into prisons in 2015 and an unreleased “large increase” in 2016. The new special drone squad will work with various law enforcement agencies in the UK to try to reverse the expansion of drone smuggling.

It is our guess that although this new squad will give it their best, they probably don’t have that much experience with drones. And even if they do, there are easier ways to secure locations from illegal drones use. They could use geofencing or hire the services of experts like Dedrone.