Surprise! Drone Sales Double

A new report from the NPD Group reveals that drone sales more than doubled (up 117% to be exact) from February 2016 to February 2017. That’s a big jump, clearly showing the strength of consumers drones in the market. These sales numbers include the a wide variety of drones from $50 mini-drones (which are really just toys) to the $3,000 DJI Inspire 2.

Here are some useful tidbits from the NPD report:

  • During the holiday season drones with a price tag between $50- $100 saw a significant uptick in sales.
  • For drones in the $300-$500 price range, there is a clear consumer demand for premium features.
    • Drones with auto pilot capabilities sold nearly five times more quickly.
    • Drones that feature follow mode functionality sold 19x more quickly.
  • During the first two months of 2017…
    • Drones with a price tag over $300 drove 84% of dollar sales and nearly 40% of unit sales.
    • Drones sold for $1,000+ saw the highest rate of sales.

In roughly the same time period from January 2016 to January 2017 the number of drones registered with the FAA when up by 123%. And according to the numbers in the last two months over 100,000 more drones have been registered with the FAA.

Reports: Snapchat is Making a Drone?

Yes, you read the headline correctly, Snap the parent company Snapchat is reportedly looking into offering its own drone. Everyone from the New York Times to Mashable has jumped on this story, but it looks like it’s not possible to confirm at this point and even if Snap is working on a drone, it doesn’t mean they will actually end up bringing one to market themselves.

But given the fact that Snap has already extended its brand with its Spectacles wearable tech it is a good possibility they are trying to do something. A Snapchat drone would provide a new way for users to interact with each other. But if Snap does go the drone route, they better make the drone small enough to fit in your pocket. Snapchat is all about sharing experiences at a moments notice. Even a medium-sized drones that weight a few pounds (like the Phantom) will not be conducive to this kind of usage.