Can a Drone Help you Get a Tinder Date? Yes, yes it can!


The varying uses for drones are growing everyday. Now you can add securing a date. Abhimanyu Ghoshal, a tech blogger from India recently got a date on Tinder with the help of a drone.


Ghoshal was quite proud of his achievement. According to his blog post, he suggest to his potential date that they build a Flybix drone kit together and then test it out. The Flybix is a easy to put together kit with basic electronics and a variety of Lego block that snap together to form the body of the mini-drone.

OK now we have heard it all! I guess if drones are being used to score dates on Tender that means they are getting mainstream?

Be Careful What Drone you Buy


Consumer drones are a big business that is still growing. The FAA believes that in the next three years around 2.5 million more drones will be sold and a NPD report from 2016 said drones sales have jumped by over 200% from 2015.

Growth like this always draws nefarious businesses. Remember the Lily drone? The company that made the drone, Lily Robotics, got over $15 million in funding and $34 million in pre-sales for their autonomous flying camera drone. Earlier this year, they went bankrupt, were raided by police and admitted to falsely advertising the capabilities of their drone—and just for kicks then didn’t deliver a single drone.

While there is room in the market for more drone manufacturers, the Drone Dossier team can’t help walk the floor of a drone convention and think half of the companies presenting aren’t going to make it. Onagofly looks like another for this category. Onagofly gained fame by raising over $3.5 million on Indiegogo for its $260 mini drone that claims to have a GPS-enabled follow feature and a high-res camera. In other words another selfie drone!

While they have delivered drones, the reviews are terrible. On top of that, earlier this week a class-action federal law suit was filed against Onagofly and other questionable drone companies in a Los Angeles Federal Court. According to complaints, the camera was not the 15-megapixels promised, that batteries are smaller than stated and don’t work well, the GPS performs badly and the propellers break.

So please, everyone, be careful what drone you buy, there is a lot of bad ones out there!