Australia Catches Environmental Violators with Drones


The Australian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now using drones to clean up the environment. In particular, they are aiming at surveying landfills to see if their operations are environmentally safe. The idea appears to be working as EPA authorities in the State of Victoria recently used a drone to find out a landfill was operating in breach of its license.

According to the report, drone surveillance of a B.T.Q. Group landfill found “extensive areas of exposed waste”, even though the group’s license requires them to put at least 30 cm of soil on exposed soil every day. Based on the drone-collected evidence, the Australian EPA fined the landfill 7,000 Australian dollars.


Australian authorities aren’t the only ones using drones to enforce laws and regulations. Police in the UAE city of Ajman use drones to catch traffic violators and monitor the structural integrity of roads. The drones are equipped with infrared sensors and cameras capable of reading license plates from the air. From March to December of 2016, drones recorded over 2,000 violations in the roads around Ajman. The police say that the use of drones has helped to clear up traffic problems in the city.

Police in the Indian city of Pun are also doing the same thing. Over one week in August, 2016, Pun police used live drone footage to catch and fine 15 traffic violators on the Pun to Mumbai expressway.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Announces Drone Use


The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced on January 12th that they will begin to use drones to responding to arson scenes, suspected bombs and hostage situations.

According to the LA Times, during the press conference to announce the use of the drones, the Sheriff’s Department reiterated numerous times that the drones will not be used to to spy on people and refused to call it a drone.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said, “The dangers of law enforcement can never be eliminated. However, this technology can assist us in reducing the impact of risks on personnel.”