One Permission and One Ban

In the last few days the FAA has made two interesting decisions regarding drone operations. On January 10th it gave permission to drone manufacturer 3DR to fly drones in the ‘Class B’ airspace (where drones are usually completely restricted from flying in) around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This is the first time the FAA has given an exemption to a drone to be flown in the restricted airspace around a major airport. At the Atlanta airport 3DR is using drones to survey a parking structure that is scheduled to be demolished.

Then this week the FAA issued a temporary flight in a 34.5 mile radius around NRG Stadium in downtown Houston where the Super Bowl will be played this Sunday. The ban makes sense near the stadium, but 34.5 miles seems a bit excessive and there are questions exactly how drone owners can be aware of the ban on such short notice, or show strictly the ban will be enforced.

Both of these actions by the FAA show an important thing, that the FAA is being nimble in how they react to the use of drones. The team here at Drone Dossier feels this is a good development for the future of drones. The FAA has been cautious but it is actively trying its best to adapt its regulations to the realities of how drones are going to be used in everyday situations.